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Troubleshooting :

If you are experiencing any problems with this system, please check the problem and solution chart below. All of the browser settings described in issues 1, 2 and 3 must be made in order for the site to work properly. These are standard settings for most e-commerce web sites. If all else fails, contact us by email using the "Contact Us" link above. Please describe what you were doing and include any error messages you received.

Problem Solution

1. System repeatedly asks you to Log-On

Your browser Trusted Sites does not include the reservation site. In security settings, add these addresses to your Trusted Sites: ""; ""; "" and "" Also be sure you uncheck the option to "Require server verification..."

2. System repeatedly loops you back to the same screen with no option to advance

Your Pop Up blocker is turned on, preventing you from seeing instructions in pop up windows. (Cookies and JavaScript must also be enabled)

3. Unable to complete a reservation, no error messages

Verify that you are using a compatible browser. Sometimes using a different browser solves the issue. This is a secure web page that uses 128 bit security. This requires you use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.5 or higher or Firefox version 3.00 or higher or Safari Version 4.0 or higher or Google Chrome Version12.0 or higher or Opera Version 11.11 or higher. If you still are unable to complete a reservation, and you are using one of the above mentioned browsers, please call 512-389-8900(9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday-Friday)

4. System is getting "Timed-out" message

Your computer sat idle on one page for 20 or more minutes OR "Cookies" are disabled - cookies must be enabled for these pages to function correctly

5. If you do not receive your email with temporary login name, temporary password or confirmation letters

Make certain that your email does not treat the following address as Junk Mail: "". Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will block email as well. If you still do not receive your email from infospherix or reserveworld after changing your settings, contact your ISP to have them change their settings.

6. Unable to print your confirmation

A confirmation notice will be sent to your email address.

7. Do not know your account Email Address

Please call the TPWD Customer Service Center at 512-389-8900 between the hours of 9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday-Friday and they will confirm your email address for you.

8. Messages or displays are hard to see on my smartphone

All of the smartphones we have tested (Android, Apple, Windows) are able to complete reservations using the phone's web browser. It may take some experimentation to figure out how to proceed through different pages.

9. Forgot your Login name or Password

Select the Login option and choose to have your Login name or Password emailed to you.

10. Forgot the answer to your Security Question and you are willing to make a new account with a different email address

If you don't mind using a new email address, create a new user account (as a New Customer as if you have No past reservations or overnight stays). You must use a new email address as the one on your existing account will not be accepted. After you finish your reservations, call or email Customer Service at the number below and ask to have your two accounts merged.

11. Forgot the answer to your Security Question and you wish to keep your existing email address

If you want to use your existing email address, please call Customer Service at the number below. Let them know that you forgot your security answer and need to have your email deleted from your account. Then you will need to create a new user account (as a New Customer as if you have No past reservations or overnight stays). You may use your email address (the one we just deleted). Let the Customer Service representative know when you are done and ask to have the accounts merged.

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